Pidim Foundation

Pidim Foundation being an emerging development organization would like to foster its development efforts with concomitant renewal of its commitment to serve the most-needy people through emulation and participation in broad based network of like-minded NGOs and stakeholders in the context of country’s present social and economic milieus and development imperatives. Being aware of changing environment and its own future development needs Pidim intends to tap its potential to the fullest extent to pursue its development goals and objectives under a well-thought and clear-cut strategic plan.

Pidim Foundation intends to develop its skills and expertise to work in various geographic, social and cultural environments. It will also team up with like-minded NGOs and Community Led Organizations to expand its scope for cooperation and mutual supports. Building relation with organizations having special skills and experience with particular sector of development will be one of Pidim’s priorities in the coming years. Also further efforts will be made to seek out opportunities to work with elderly people in meeting their various physical and psychological needs on larger scale. Venturing into new area will require long term partnership with national and international donors and intermediary organizations.

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